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Monday, September 9, 2019

Roaring 20's Fashion


I'm having the best time doing research for my work in a progress, 1922-set The Carousel Wedding for Barbour's Carousel Brides, coming in June, 2020. I've never set a story in the 20's before, and I'm loving it!

Coincidentally (?), I'm also putting together a 1920's ensemble to wear to A Downton Abbey Tea at the Guild House later this month, an event I'm guest hosting. I wanted something that a) looks appropriate for an afternoon tea, b) calls to mind the Roaring '20s, and c) doesn't bust the budget. I have two kids in college, you know!

Needless to say, I've been looking at a lot of pictures of 20's clothes. 1920's fashion calls to mind "flapper dresses", mini fringed things that hit mid-thigh; bob haircuts, makeup, and high heels. Those are all true, but I'm learning hemlines were a lot longer in the earlier parts of the decade.

I'll need to reflect that in my story. I already had a character show off her knees, and I had to fix that, pronto!

As for my ensemble? I found a simple, drop waist dress, and I'm going to pair it with a cloche hat and accessories. Can't wait to dress up!

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