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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Announcement! Coming from Love Inspired Historical...

I just signed a contract for a second Regency romance with Love Inspired Historical, coming next winter!

It has a working title, but it will probably change, so I'll wait until things are concrete to share.

It takes place in the same story universe as The Reluctant Guardian, but the new book stands alone. It's not necessary to have read The Reluctant Guardian!

If you have read Tavin and Gemma's story, however, you've already been introduced to the heroine. Any ideas? She was only briefly mentioned, and not-too-favorably, either.

Lady Helena Stanhope, Tavin's cousin.
Lady Helena Stanhope:
There's more to Lady Helena than first appears, however. She broke my heart and I loved writing her story, which took her to Scotland to marry a lord sight unseen for a hasty, convenient marriage to Lord John Ardoch.
John Gordon, the Lord Ardoch:
John needs help with his kids--stat!
John only wants a wife as a mother to his children...and the arrangement is fine by her! But as their friendship grows, so does her desire to challenge the status quo in this Scottish household. And the results might change all of their lives forever.
Louisa looks a great deal like Miss Charlotte Papendick as a Child, 1788, John Hoppner (1758 - 1810):
Little Louisa is adorable
It's a story of renewal, healing, thawing, spring following winter...and family.

Looking forward to introducing you more fully to Helena and John, and the kids--Margaret, Alexander, Callum and Louisa! Oh, and Iona the dog!
Skye Terrier....gorgeous...:
We can't forget you, Iona!
In the meantime, The Reluctant Guardian is still available!

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