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Monday, December 7, 2015

Edible Crafts to Make with Kids During Christmas Break

Christmas is on a Friday this year...which means our kids have a long, nearly-full week of winter break to wait for The Big Day.

Sometimes that waiting can be hard and long. What's a mom to do to help the kids pass the time?

Crafts. I am big on gingerbread houses and ornaments. But my kids are older now and they like to be in the kitchen.

So let's make something yummy and adorable!

Here are a few things I found on Pinterest. For instructions, follow the links in the captions.

Strawberries make great Santa hats. Look how cute these Santa Hat Brownies are!
Brownies with strawberry Santa hats - amazing!:
Look here to make!
These are too cute...skiing snowmen. Marshmallows, candy canes, and pretzels. Can't beat it. These are edible if you use an edible marker to make the face, but you can use a sharpie pen instead...just don't eat them!

Sledding Marshmallow Snowman - What could be more whimsical than a marshmallow snowman speeding down the drifts on a candy-cane sled? Make one for your gingerbread house display!:
click here

I love putting a candy cane in my cocoa. It looks festive and tastes wonderful. But what if you added marshmallows to the mix? Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops! Yowza! And they make great little gifts. Just wrap in cellophane and tie with a red or green ribbon.
Candy cane marshmallows for hot cocoa~ hang them on the side of your mug.:
Recipe here.
Candy canes are pretty versatile for craft-making. These lollipops would be fun at school parties, or wrapped in cellophane and tied to a gift. (And they work for Valentine's Day, too!)

Cute idea for Christmas:
Click here
Talk about fun to make and then eat/display...ornaments made of melted starlight mints. I haven't tried this but plan to this year.

Candy ornaments:
Directions here
This last one is one of my favorites: Elf Donuts. Leave a few on Santa's cookie plate.

Elf donuts--actually cheerios, to leave with Santa's cookies. This is the cutest thing ever! Gotta remember this for Christmas:
So cute! Cheerios with a little extra, served in a pill box!

For more ideas, feel free to check out my Pinterest page, Christmas, here. And let me know if you have some great edible craft ideas of your own!

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