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Monday, November 16, 2015

November News

I was recently asked what I've been up to lately (ie, "Do you work on one story at a time?" and "how do you spend your days?"), so I thought I'd share the latest. (Please share in the comments what's new with you!)

(But to answer those questions above, No, I'm not able to work on just one story at a time, unless I am deep in writing a novel *and* no opportunities crop up that require a quick response. Lately, I've worked on as many as four stories simultaneously. It's hard to shift gears like that, but most authors I know are in the same boat. So that's how I spend my days!)
  • As you may have seen in last week's post (scroll down) I signed a contract for a new novella! It's called The Honeymoon Express and it will appear in Barbour's The Rails to Love Collection in autumn of 2017. Each novella centers around a railroad theme.
  • I finished first-round edits for One Word From You, my Pride and Prejudice retelling which will appear in Austen in Austin, coming in January, 2016.
  • Right before I worked on those edits, I finished edits for my novella For a Song, which will appear in The Cowboy's Bride Collection, coming in March, 2016. Looking forward to receiving final edits on both this and the Austen novella soon. Then I will need to hop on those once they arrive in my inbox!
  • I've submitted proposals for a few new stories. Working up those proposals was a lot of fun. I hope to soon be able to announce that one or more of them sells!
  • I was summoned to jury duty, so I wrote blog posts to get me through the holidays in case I was placed on a trial that ran a few weeks. Weekly blogging here and fulfilling my obligations on Inkwell Inspirations is important to me!
  • On the blogging note, I've been invited to join Heroes, Heroines & History, a blog featuring many awesome Christian authors! I'll post the 3rd of every month. My first post is called Christmas Kisses...come read it Dec 3!
  • My Christmas newsletter is just about ready to go. All I need to do last minute is PICK WINNERS of the Austen in Austin book! (To win one, subscribe to the newsletter using the button at the right! I promise not to bug you, just say a cheery hello when I have a release.)
And in my non-writing world?
  • As I mentioned above, jury duty. 
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month--October--may be over, but it's never too late to get a mammogram. I recently had mine. A mammo saved my mom's life, so I'm all for encouraging everyone to get one. Talk to your doctor if you aren't sure about some of the new recommendations, but as for me, with my family history, I get one every year.
  • Busy times with kids. SATs, senior photos, college applications, clubs and activities, church, band...blessings all. But busy blessings.
  • A season of big bills! Car, plumbing, garage door, orthodontia, a weird mustard algae that invaded our pool and required expensive chemicals to treat, those aforementioned college applications... all at once. Everybody has those seasons...thank God for His provision!
  • Holidays are around the corner! Have you started shopping? I have--a little.
Today I blog on Inkwell Inspirations about "Stir Up Sunday" which is this coming weekend. Never heard of it? Come check it out!

So what's new with you?

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