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Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday, Inkwell Inspirations!

Six years! Wahoo!

We're celebrating the anniversary of our group blog today with a giveaway of 2 $25 Amazon cards.

Ooh! Amazon cards!

Inkwell is the reason I started this blog. I was invited to participate, wanted to desperately, but feared I'd mess up since I had no idea how to blog. That's why I started my own: to practice.

But that's another story. In six years, these women have encouraged, pushed, comforted, mourned with, prayed for, and loved one another. I love them, too!
L-R, back row, Jen AlLee holding a photo of Dina Sleiman, Barb Early (aka Beverly Allen), Lisa Richardson holding a photo of Niki Turner, Anita Mae Draper, Gina Welborn, Suzie Johnson holding a photo of DeAnna Dodson (aka Julianna Deering). Front row, yours truly and Debra Marvin, holding a photo of CJ Chase.

Here we all were at the ACFW conference in Indianapolis, 2013. Some of us are in costume for the genre dinner. Some of us are present only on paper photos. But this is as close as we've ever come to a group photo!

We're also celebrating Austen in Austin, coming from WhiteFire in January, which started as an Inkwell group project. Retelling Jane Austen novels, set in historical Austin, Texas, was a delight to put together. With its sale, too, each and every member of Inkwell Inspirations is now a contracted author!

A dream come true!
Come on over to celebrate! Click here.

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