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Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break!

Happy Easter! Yes, I know the day itself has passed, but Easter is a season, celebrated until Pentecost. Rejoice in the fact that Christ is risen! Alleluia!

My kids were off school last week, which means we were pretty busy. As a result, I'm going to be working this week. Because...

on May 1, in just over three weeks:

  • The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection releases
  • The manuscript For a Song, for The Cowboy's Bride Collection, is due.
And boy, am I excited.

I'm writing. I'm preparing a Prize Package to celebrate my Bachelor novella, Love's Reward. I'm being interviewed and featured on some blogs in May (info to come, and they include giveaways so you'll want to check them out!).

Meanwhile, Spring has sprung at my house. I've planted tomatoes, zucchini, and a bunch of herbs. Mourning doves are nesting in my "fruit salad" tree (elba peach, grafted with Santa Rosa plums and apricots--yum), and butterflies have found good nectar in the blossoming trees in my yard.

Good things are growing. God's given me some good work. What a happy place to be. I pray you feel the same about spring blooming around you and the tasks on your plate.

Next Monday, there will be a visit with author Jennifer Uhlarik when she shares her Ten Things and a giveaway! Hope to see you then!


Karen Lange said...

Congratulations on your exciting news! So excited for you. :)

Susanne Dietze said...

Thanks, Karen! I appreciate it. It's an exciting time!