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Monday, November 24, 2014

Delirious for Downton

My friends across the pond are enjoying another Season of Downton Abbey (as are some of my American friends, thanks to the internet). While I'm very, very curious about my friends Bates, Edith, Tom (stay away from that pushy schoolteacher, Tom!), and the rest of the upstairs/downstairs gang, I've held out.

Still questioning the wisdom of this. I could have answers!

But I wouldn't necessarily be able to speak about them, which is half the fun.

It's already available for preorder on Amazon! Look how big the babies are now!

Speaking of spoilers, avert your eyes for a bit if you wish to know nothing about the current season. I'm not giving anything away, mind you, because I haven't seen the current season. But I do know a bit and I want to know what the hoopla is about:

  • Who might be moving to America? Tom, you are forbidden to go anywhere!
  • Why is George Clooney in the Christmas episode? (Celebrity gossip tangent: George became friends with Hugh Bonneville while filming "Monuments Men" and that is how he got the gig. If there is a bit of poetic justice in the Downton Universe, he will be there to woo Edith and won't care a figgy pudding about Mary.)
  • What happened to Edith's beau/baby daddy?
Ok, it's safe to look again.

Meanwhile, I have my Downton Abbey possessions to comfort me (yes, this is a joke).

Last year I scored for Christmas. Mom gave my daughter and me D.A necklaces that are super fancy. I was also given Downton wine (according to the label, it was chosen by Bates himself). I photographed it next to Downton Abbey wrapping paper, which I found at World Market (they also sold china, white with little gold and black flourishes).
Ooh la la! I'm just like the Crawleys!

I was also given a D.A. plum pudding, which we ate Christmas Day. It was dense, sweet, and chock full of raisins.
Of course we set it on fire! If you look closely, you can see the blue flames.

And this year my friend gave me some D.A. tea. It's delicious!
Yum! Other flavors are available, too, but this is mine!
Looks like there are lots of new D.A treats for 2014, too.

Scouring Amazon, I found new goodies for this year. Behold, a cd of Lord Grantham's favorite Christmas tunes! Elizabeth McGovern (Cora) sings! The classical pieces look fabulous. Of course, this isn't the first D.A. cd. There's a soundtrack out, too.
Available here
I think this cookbook may end up on my Christmas list. Because I want to eat just like Lady Mary does (assuming she eats chocolate, tea sandwiches, and opera cake).
Yum again!

Want another book with pretty pictures? Julian Fellowes put out this one, with recipes for "kedgeree, orange marmalade, asparagus tarts, cream of watercress soup, Irish stew, lemon barley water, meringues with red berries, parmesan straws, Christmas pudding with brandy butter and more." I'm not sure how I feel about lemon barley water.
Want it under your Christmas tree? Click here.
Looks fun to me. But if your budget is a little tight (and $11 for an ornament isn't ridiculous sounding, which it is to me) why not bring a little D.A. to your tree with this bell pull?
Ring ring!
If only I could ring for Carson.

Speaking of Carson, he's written a book on staff management. It'll be out Nov. 25.

If you're having problems with your footmen, click here.

Is there nothing that man can't do?

Last but not least--because I could go on forever, trust me--is the official board game. This is something I may have to buy so I can play with my local D.A.-fan friends, and haul in a suitcase to next year's ACFW for some cutthroat competition with a few Inkies.
Oh mercy. Guess what I want for Christmas.
Whom shall I be? Why am I even asking this when Tom is an option? If Deb Marvin beats me to that punch, I'll call the Dowager.
Oh wait, looks like our options are Faceless Anna and Faceless Barrow (aka Thomas, not to be confused with Tom, thank you very much). I'll pick the red Anna.

It looks a bit like Clue, but the directions describe tasks to complete.

Squee! Roll the dice and have a sip of D.A. tea while the Christmas cd plays in the background. We're on!

Who's with me?

originally appeared on Inkwell Inspirations

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