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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Finding the Seeds of Stories

How do authors get ideas for their stories?

Tough question. Sometimes the answer is, "things just come to you," although many times, my answer would be: prayer, grit, work, and agony. I'm only slightly exaggerating.

Occasionally, I'll be inspired by things I find in my genealogy projects, stories I read, or historical happenings.

For instance, I'll see something in an old newspaper that makes me say, hmm.

I was perusing a paper from 1909 and this story caught my eye:

Rancher Suicides
Ely, NV -- "...a rich sheep rancher ... committed suicide in a saloon in this city today by taking strychnine. His mind was temporarily deranged."

What? When I read he'd committed suicide in a saloon, I thought there would be a gun involved. But strychnine? Why did he bring a poison with him to a saloon? Why did he want that particular audience? How did the observers know he'd brought strychnine? Did he make a show of it, or quietly slump in the corner?

There has to be more of a story. Who was he really? Why did he do it? Why, why, why?

These mysteries are often the seeds of a story.

How about you? Where does your imagination take you when you read the news clipping?

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