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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Talk Like Jane Austen Day!

October 30 is Talk Like Jane Austen Day

Have you ever wished your words would sparkle with wit like Lizzie Bennet's?  Or you could dazzle your own Mr. Darcy with Jane Austen-speak? Today is your day, my friend.

I don't know how official that is (see the website), but oh well. It sounds fun. I'm jumping on the bandwagon--er, I am ascending the coach to join in the revelry.
Dearest Jane

(Here goes!)

The aforementioned web address contains helpful phrases to enhance once's participation of the festivities, but for the uninitiated who find too few listed there, there is no need to pull a Friday Face or succumb to a fit of the megrims. Pray, do not despair. There is hope. I beseech you to visit my web page on Regency cant, that delicious "language of the underworld" of which ladies, of course, have no knowledge. At least as far as their Mamas are aware.

Verily, this is no hum. Pour the bohea and settle in for a comfortable coze with a friend.


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