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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten Things with Winnie Griggs...and a Giveaway!

Today we Welcome Author Winnie Griggs to Tea and a Good Book!
Winnie Griggs is an award winning, multi-published author who writes for Love Inspired Historical.  Her writing has garnered enthusiastic reviews and numerous awards, among them a 2011 Lories Best Published Book and a 2012 RT Reviewers Choice Award.

Winnie is a small town girl who grew up to marry a country boy and together they’ve raised four wonderful children.  Though her very own Prince Charming is more comfortable riding a tractor than a white steed, the two of them have been living their own happily-ever-after for 30+ years.

You can learn more about Winnie and her books at www.winniegriggs.com

  1. I was born on a Friday the 13th and have always considered 1 my lucky number.I am the oldest of 5 siblings and my youngest sister is 20 years younger than me.When I was little, my sister, brother and I had a pet squirrel.  My father found a baby squirrel on the floor of the woods one day and took it home to care for it.  Daddy built it a large cage but we had fun letting him out (in a VERY controlled space) and watching him scamper around.  We had Squeaky for about three months before Daddy felt he was ready to turn loose in the woods again.
  2. I once made a patchwork quilt.  I taught myself from instructions in a magazine.  It took me two years and when I finished it I gave it to my mother for Mother’s Day.  That was thirty years ago but my mom still displays it proudly.
  3. I went to an all girls high school but when I was a senior I was one of only four girls to sign up to take Physics.  As a result, the principal decided to send us down the road to the all boys high school for that one class a day.  When word got out, there was a rush of other students suddenly interested in Physics but no one else was accepted into the class.
  4. When I went to college I decided to major in Mathematics simply because I liked math, but had no idea what I would do with the degree.  I did know I didn’t want to teach so I went’ for a Bachelor of Science, not Education degree.  I ended up happily working for many, many years in the computer application development field.
  5. Speaking of college, I disliked public speaking so much, I voluntarily took 15 hours of a foreign language in order to get out of 3 hours of speech.
  6. I have four children - three girls and one boy.  My youngest daughters are identical twins.  I was afraid when I first brought them home from the hospital that I would mix them up.  Luckily we discovered one of the girls had dimples and the other didn’t.  So whenever we weren’t certain which was which we’d try to get them to smile and then we were home free.
  7. I collect flavors of tea the way some of my friends collect shoes.  Stumbling on a new flavor to try is like hitting the jackpot to me.  Right now I am delving into the many subtle and nuanced versions of chai.
  8. I’ve always known I wanted to write historicals, but my first attempts were with Regencies, mainly because that’s what I enjoyed reading at the time.  I learned quickly, though, that my voice just didn’t lend itself to that sub-genre.    It took a while, but I finally found my home in Americana stories and have been happily writing books with that setting ever since.
 More on Winnie's Latest Release...The Bride Next Door

Love Thy Neighbor? 

After years of wandering, Daisy Johnson hopes to settle in Turnabout, Texas, open a restaurant, perhaps find a husband. Of course, she'd envisioned a man who actually likes her. Not someone who offers a marriage of convenience to avoid scandal.

Turnabout is just a temporary stop for newspaper reporter Everett Fulton. Thanks to one pesky connecting door and a local gossip, he's suddenly married, but his dreams of leaving haven't changed. What Daisy wants - home, family, tenderness - he can't provide. Yet big-city plans are starting to pale beside small-town warmth...


Thanks for sharing with us today, Winnie! I can't wait to read this book (isn't Turnabout the best name for a town? Love it!)

Winnie has graciously offered a copy of The Bride Next Door OR any book from her backlist. To enter the drawing, just leave a comment with a way to contact you by 11:59 PDT Sunday, June 16.


One more thing...

I'm guest posting on Christine Lindsay's blog this week. Click here to come say hi!


Susanne Dietze said...

Thanks for sharing with us today, Winnie! I can't wait to read your new release...sounds like so much fun.

I collect tea, too! Just tried a blend called Royal Wedding, very light and fruity.

I love that you had a pet squirrel named Squeaky.

Winnie Griggs said...

Thanks for inviting me to visit! Royal wedding tea - that sounds yummy - I'll have to see if I can find some to try! As for Squeaky, funny thing - I was just down visiting some of my family this weekend and my sister brought up the subject out of the blue. It seems that not too long ago they were out weeding through and organizing my dad's old barn when they came across the cage we'd kept Squeaky in. Both of us thought it had been tossed out or repurposed ages ago. Anyway, she cleaned it up and placed it in her garden among her flowers and it looks quite lovely.

Lane Hill House said...

Enjoyed your Physics comment and your over-abundance of chai. I, too, have a drawer full of tea to share!
Please enter me in your drawing. My daughter feed a squirrel that would squash flat on her deck rail board. All of that until... mysterious toenail holes began appearing on their door screen.
Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

Anonymous said...

Winnie, I didn't realize that our Physics class went to Shaw. You were always the smart and intuitive one!

I love reading your blogs and want to let those who read your books know just what a warm and loving person you are. I am blessed to have known you since we were children.

Continued success on your writing. I am so happy for you!

Love you,

Jean said...

Awww...Squeaky. I tried to get Mama to let me have a pet field mouse I found in the woods next our house once and carried home. Needless to say, mousie was returned to the woods INSTANTLY.

Winnie Griggs said...

Kathleen - aaahh a nother chai tea lover - fabulous! And your name is in the hopper for the drawing!

Winnie Griggs said...

Hi Shay - you're so sweet to say such nice things my friend! We have to do another mini-reunion, just to get back together again!

Winnie Griggs said...

Hi Jean - LOL on the field mouse. Maybe if you'd had a ready made cage to put him in...

Amy C said...

What an enjoying and fun interview with Winnie. Thank you so much for the smiles today.
Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

Susanne Dietze said...

Kathleen, squirrels are so crafty! Maybe that's a reason why they're so fun to watch. We used to have an abundant orange tree, and they'd take the oranges, peel them, eat them, and leave a huge mess.

You're entered into the drawing. Thanks for coming by!

Susanne Dietze said...

Shay, how neat that you've known Winnie for so long! We girlfriends have to stick together.

Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Jean. The mouse would be gone from my house, too--I don't do mice or rats very well!

If you want to be entered into the drawing, be sure to come back and leave your email addy! Thanks for coming by.

Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Amy! Glad you could come by and enter the drawing. Winnie's Ten Things made me smile, too.


Karen Lange said...

It's so nice to meet Winnie! I enjoyed getting to know her a little better. :)

I was one of two girls in my high school physics class, but the class was pretty small. I cannot claim a giant interest though, the only reason I took it was because I couldn't get into physiology. :)

Thanks so much to both of you for the interview and giveaway!


Winnie Griggs said...

Amy C - lad you enjoyed the post.

Karen - I can't say as I retained much I learned in my physics class either. It was just one of those college prep classes my counselor suggested I take.

Susanne Dietze said...

Congratulations to the winner f Winnie's book, Kathleen!

I'll be in touch, Kathleen.

Thanks to all who entered the drawing.