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Friday, June 7, 2013

Mismatched Teacups

The month of May marked the end of a trial small group in which I was a happy participant. Unlike other small groups I'd been a part of, this one had a unique purpose: the women gathered together were something of a practicum for the two leaders, students in a Masters program for Spiritual Formation.

Using the techniques they'd learned, our leaders, K and B, guided us with Scripture and walked beside us as we learned to identify ways God might be leading us.

What a blessing this group was (so much so that we decided to continue meeting). But at our gathering in May which ended the time of K and B's school assignment, K decided to commemorate our time together with the gift of teacups. She'd laid out several cups and saucers, and we could select one of each. There was a catch: our cups couldn't match our saucers.
My mismatched cup and saucer

The teacups and saucers were a bit like us, after all. Our group was comprised of women from different backgrounds, a mixture of ages and stages of life. Our skin wasn't all the same color. Some of us had babies while others had adult children. We had not been raised in the same denomination.

Sometimes, things don't seem like they should go together. They don't match. But when you put them together, they work. And they don't just function with the minimum of adequacy, but they hum with energy and shine with radiance. Our mismatched teacups and saucers looked good. Better yet, they were something we could take home and use, rich in the reminder of the group that blessed us and how God can put things together.

Thanks to K for my cup. Oh--I should mention K did pick out my saucer for me. She'd turned it over and saw the pattern was called Regency. Knowing me, she thought I'd like it for the name alone. Of course I do! (But I also love the little man in his Regency attire. He reminds me a bit of the Mad Hatter, but that's another tea party entirely.)

Where has God made matches out of mismatches in your life? Are there places where you can work things together, with God's help, for good?

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