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Saturday, April 13, 2013

When the Heart Heals

Ann Shorey delivers a delightful tale of romance, herbs, and danger in When the Heart Heals. The story follows Where the Wildflowers Bloom, but it isn’t necessary to have read that novel first.

Some of the folks in Noble Springs, Missouri, find Rosemary Saxon vulgar because she served as a nurse during the Civil War—and they question her abilities because she uses herbal remedies. Still, she yearns to be independent, so she applies for a job with the new doctor in town. Dr. Elijah Stewart needs the help, but he’s not sure he can trust her remedies. Their bickering may soften into something more romantic, but when a villain wants her gone for good, Rosemary’s independence may be threatened.

Shorey writes pleasing historical romances for the inspirational reader, and When the Heart Heals is no exception. It’s well-plotted and the characters are likable. Chapters run short, so it’s a great book to take on-the-go.

I recommend When the Heart Heals to any reader who enjoys historical, Christian Romance.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel for purposes of review from the publisher. A positive review was neither promised nor expected. Also, the author and I are represented by the same agent but we have never met, and I was not represented by our agent when I agreed to read the novel.

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