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Monday, April 15, 2013

Ten Things with Author Christine Lindsay...and a Giveaway

Welcome Author Christine Lindsay to Tea and a Good Book!

Irish-born Christine Lindsay writes award-winning inspirational historical novels. In her novels, SHADOWED IN SILK and CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT, Christine delights in showing the love of God in times of great injustice on a national and domestic scale. She weaves the endless theme of redemptive love throughout stories of danger, suspense, adventure, and romance.

The Pacific coast of Canada, about 200 miles north of Seattle, is Christine’s home. Like a lot of authors, Christine’s chief editor is her cat. 

  1. I was patted on the head by Prince Philip when I was a baby sitting in my pram just outside the Belfast City Hall. I’ve felt special ever since. Seriously though, I love all things British, adore Queen Elizabeth, and write most comfortably from a British viewpoint and voice.
  2. My great-grandfather and my grandfather (yes, father and son) were both riveters on the Titanic as it was being built in the shipyard in Belfast. My grandfather was only 14 at the time, and it was his first job as an apprentice riveter. As a family we take no responsibility for the sinking of that great liner. The lives of my ancestors have always stirred my romantic imagination. One day I will write a novel about riveters, but it was my ancestors on my mother’s side that seeded my fascination in the British Raj of Colonial India. Those men (and their families) who served in the British Army and British Cavalry in India were the fodder for my debut novel Shadowed in Silk.
  3. I adore the secular blockbuster novels by MM Kaye who wrote Far Pavilions so much, that when I decided to write fiction I wanted to write romantic adventure epics like her, set in British India, but from a Christian point of view.
  4. Being born in Northern Ireland means that I am also British, because N. Ireland (the 6 counties in the north) is still loyal to England. So in many ways I am a proper Brit, avid tea-drinker and lover of scones with clotted cream.

  5. At the same time I am also very Irish, with a sense of humor, and I laugh far too loudly at times. I think my sense of humor can be seen most clearly in my character Laine in Captured by Moonlight. She’s a bit zany, and I can be a bit that way too. Not too zany, just a bit.
  6. I’m crazy about cats. Love ’em. I also love dogs, but my cats are my babies. But oh yes, I do have 3 grown children whom I adore, and am Nanny to my 3 grandsons. I hope to get a granddaughter one day. I sort of casually mentioned that one afternoon after church when my son-in-law and daughter were visiting. And I got that “look” from my son-in-law. You know the “look”. That was naughty of me, I know. I’ll never do it again. I promise. None of my business when they start their family. But then . . . you know how it is when you see all those cute baby clothes in the stores . . . and smell the teeney weeney diapers. And babies are so wonderful.
  7. I guess I adore babies because I relinquished my first child (Sarah) to adoption and was reunited with her 20 years later. Sarah is the model on the front cover of my debut novel Shadowed in Silk.  The incredible way the Lord arranged all that is in a short article on my blog page Story Behind the Front Covers
  8. My beautiful daughter Lana is the model on the front cover of Captured by Moonlight, book 2 of my series Twilight of the British Raj. We had such fun that day doing the photo-shoot.
  9. It was my privilege to visit India once, so far, on a writing missions trip. I went to the south of India, Tamil Nadu, which used to be called the Madras Presidency, and which is the gorgeous tropical setting for Captured by Moonlight. One of the highlights of my life. I especially loved travelling on the train, and it was not first class, but ordinary travel with hard seats, and only bars on the windows. It was fantastic. I’ll never forget it . . . the train trundling through the countryside. Those memories created this paragraph from Captured by Moonlight. ...“On one side of the rutted track a rice paddy stretched out, a verdant green that almost hurt her eyes in the sunlight. Dotting the paddy, women’s saris—saffron, crimson, vermillion, peacock blue—shimmied in the light like beads on a bangle. Seeing this beauty again, she admitted she shouldn’t have let the painful memories stop her from coming back. Her roots to this southern land were as numerous and deep as those of the banyan tree.”
  10. I would visit India again, in a flash if the opportunity arose.

 Blessings on you.

Thanks for visiting today, Christine! 

Christine has graciously offered e-copies of her books to one lucky commenter today! Drawing ends 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 17. Make sure you leave your email addy in the comments!

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Elaine K said...

Always interesting to hear about people's lives! I have a great fascination with India even though I have never been there. I would love to read more books set there! Please enter me in the draw for the ebook!
elaineking1 at hotmail dot come

Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Elaine! Oh, I think you'd definitely like Christine's stories.

I've got you entered into the drawing. Thanks so much for coming by!

Karen Lange said...

Thanks so much for introducing us to Christine! What fun and interesting facts - I love it! I need to check out these books. :)
Thanks and blessings,


Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Karen! Christine has led an interesting life, hasn't she?

Thanks for coming by. I've got you entered into the drawing!

karenk said...

a wonderful interview/posting, Suzanne...thanks for the chance to read Christine's novels

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Debra E. Marvin said...

Loved the interview! I saw a special on Titanic hosted by Len (from dancing with the stars). He visited the shipyard and did a bit of riveting, sharing that it also had been his first job.

I don't need to be in the drawing as I have both of Christine's stories. I'll be reading Captured in Moonlight very soon!

Shadowed in Silk was one of my top reads!

Susanne Dietze said...

Hi KarenK! I'm so glad you could stop by. I've entered you into the drawing!

Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Debra! I knew Len, aka DNCMSTR (if you read EW's recaps, you know why,) hosted a show on the Titanic but I missed it. Grr!

I'm glad you enjoyed Shadow in Silk. Christine is a talented writer and she has a lot of fans!

Thanks for visiting.

Christine said...

Thank you everyone for such kind comments. Sorry I missed the day the blog went live. And congratulations to the winner, Elaine K. Susanne has sent me your email address, so I will be contacting your right away. Blessings all. To this day, I still love Titanic stories.