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Friday, January 4, 2013

Path of Freedom: A Sweet Quaker Romance

Jennifer Hudson Taylor’s Pathof Freedom is the latest in Abingdon’s Quilts of Love inspirational line, and it’s an enjoyable historical romance set among Quakers in the pre-Civil War south.

Path of Freedom: Quilts of Love SeriesFlora Safewright has no problems living in peace with her fellow Quakers…until Bruce Millikan comes back to town. She’s still haunted by the childhood taunts he spewed at her which colored others’ perceptions of her.  Still, the Lord seems to be calling her and her sister, Irene, to join Bruce in one of his dangerous missions: taking an expectant slave couple north to freedom along the Underground Railroad, with the map sewn into her mother’s quilt as a guide.

The journey is fraught with tension, but the suspense is not entirely related to reaching the north unnoticed. Flora’s skills as a midwife may be put to the test, but such a daunting prospect is rivaled by the anxiety produced by being so close to Bruce, who may be handsome, but surely can’t be trusted. For his part, Bruce may be experienced accompanying escaped slaves north, but this trip is like no other he’s made. He’s not the cruel boy he once was, but how many times can he ask Flora for forgiveness? And can he uphold his Quaker principles and still manage to protect her and their cargo on this journey?

Quick-paced and thoughtful, the story engages questions about forgiveness, justice, and whether it's ok to lie for the right cause. The setting among Quakers is fresh to me (although it took a while to get used to them calling each other "thee"). Readers of historical inspy romance will enjoy yet aother of Taylor's solid romances.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher for purposes of review. A positive review was neither promised nor expected.

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