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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ten Things with Amanda Cabot!

Welcome author Amanda Cabot to Tea and a Good Book!

 From the time that she was seven, Amanda Cabot dreamed of becoming a published author, but it was only when she set herself the goal of selling a book by her thirtieth birthday that the dream came true.  A former director of Information Technology, Amanda has written everything from technical books and articles for IT professionals to mysteries for teenagers and romances for all ages.  She’s delighted to now be a fulltime writer of Christian historical romances.  Her Texas Dreams trilogy received critical acclaim, and Christmas Roses, her first stand-alone story, was just released.
  1. I’ve lived in a number of different places, each with its own appeal, and each has influenced my writing in some way.  For example, although I left there when I was seven, the six years I spent in a small town in Texas helped me create my fictional town of Ladreville for the Texas Dreams series.
  2. One of my favorite mottos is “Justice will somehow prevail” from a song called “Light One Candle.”  I can’t imagine how people get through each day if they don’t believe that.
  3.  Fortunately for the world, my first attempts at writing (including a memorably bad story of two kids and a camper) have been destroyed.  The scripts for the two plays I wrote for my fifth grade class are also gone, although they both had a very short run.  Translation: my classmates and I presented them to each of the other fifth grade classes.
  4.  My favorite place on earth is Yellowstone, and if I had to pick just one spot within the park, it would be the Lamar valley. 
  5.  My most exotic vacation was to Australia where I fulfilled a long-time wish and saw kangaroos in the wild.  Several were so tame that they poked their heads into our picnic basket.
  6.  I enjoy knitting but never seem to get the gauge right.  As a result, you’re more likely to find me making afghans and prayer shawls rather than sweaters – no fitting needed.
  7.  When I was researching World War One-era cameras, I had the opportunity to visit the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY.  Although it’s not normally open to visitors, the curator took me into the archives, where he casually pointed out Ansel Adams’s camera and the one that took the first pictures on the moon.  I had goose bumps!
  8.  My favorite flowers are lilacs.
  9.  I caught an incurable case of carousel fever when I spotted a carousel horse in – of all places – an interstate rest area.  Ever since, I’ve been visiting antique carousels around the country and learning everything I can about the carvers.
  10. Yes, there will be at least one story with a carousel carver in it.  It’s part of a novella collection scheduled for early 2014.
Amanda's Christmas Roses is now available! I love how the cover invokes a Currier & Ives scene, and hearkens back to a good old fashioned Christmas. Look for Christmas Roses at your favorite Christian retailer, Amazon, B&N, CBD, and Goodreads.


Jessica Nelson said...

Oooh, I think I'd get goosebumps too! I love seeing historic things and museums.

Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Jessica! I'd get goosebumps, too. It's sometimes so moving to realize you're This Close to something special.

Thanks for coming by!