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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Highland Crossings--A Sweet and Satisfying Read!

From Scotland to colonial North Carolina, an heirloom brooch passes through four generations of related women in Highland Crossings, a collection of four inspirational novellas. Romantic, sweet, and historically rich, the stories in Highland Crossings make for quick but satisfying reading. Written by four authors, the stories differ in style and tone but complement one another well, appealing to readers of varying tastes.

Pamela Griffin’s Healer of My Heart (1739) tells the story of Seona, who flees Scotland with the brooch, hoping for peace and anonymity in North Carolina. But when she’s caught as a stowaway aboard Colin’s ship, will her gifts as a healer help her cause, and in the New World, too?

In Printed on My Heart (1739) by Laurie Alice Eakes, Seona’s cousin Fiona comes to America for one reason: to bring the brooch back to Scotland. When she ends up tied to a whipping block, her only hope lies in becoming indentured to the town printer, Welsh immigrant Owain, who has secrets of his own.

Seren sells the brooch in Sugarplum Hearts by Gina Welborn (1789), in order to open a confectionary…but her business plans falter, and she questions her decision to sell such a precious heirloom. Scottish immigrant Finley’s business proposal will benefit them both, but when sabotage strikes, can Seren regain what she’s lost?

Jennifer Hudson Taylor’s Heart’s Inheritance (1815) follows Brynna, whose love of history and stability make her resistant to change. Her world is thrown into turmoil when Niall buys the building she wanted for a museum…and when the heirloom brooch is stolen. Will Brynna be able to restore her hope and embrace the changes God sends her way?

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. Historical detail is woven with humor, depth, and romance in these fast-paced plots. These authors are talented, and I wished for more when I was finished!

A copy of this book was furnished by one of the authors. A review, positive or otherwise, was neither promised nor expected.

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