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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten things...With Author Gina Welborn

Happy Valentine's Day! It's my absolute pleasure to welcome Gina Welborn to Tea and a Good Book Today. Gina is a generous friend and a stellar writer with a great sense of humor. Her first novella, Sugarplum Hearts, is included in the new release from Barbour House, Highland Crossings--and it's fantastic.

Highland Crossings follows four women through the generations, united by an heirloom brooch, as they emigrate from Scotland to North Carolina.

Here's a peek at Gina's story:

When Scottish broker Finley Sinclair bargains he can sell Seren Cardew's entire stock of candy for triple the selling price, she thinks he's out of his newly-immigrated mind. But Seren is desperate to make a go of her fledgling business. With little funds left after selling a treasured family heirloom, Seren knows Finley's proposal is what's needed to save her dream. But on the way, he might steal her stock...and her heart.

Here's Gina's Ten Things!

1) For the last ten years, every 2-3 years I re-read The Accidental Tourist and To Kill a Mockingbird.

2) By the time I had graduated high school, I'd read every Victoria Holt novel written, and most of those under her other pseudonyms.

3) I, sadly, don't have a tattoo. However . . .

4) My bucket list includes going to Comic-Con, touring Scotland, taking a year to cook through all the recipes in my favorite cookbook, and getting a tattoo.

5) I cry every time I watch Monsters, Inc. All right, I cried also watching Gladiator, Seabiscuit, and Lord of the Rings (all three). Yet I did not cry while watching The Passion of the Christ.

6) I'm a military "brat." Yet I only remember our family moving twice while Dad was in the army--from Lawton, OK to West Germany, from West Germany to Lawton, OK. During our years in West Germany . . .

7) When I was in 1st-3rd grade, the American school my older sister and I attended required we take swimming lessons. After two-semesters of lessons, my sister was a shark and I was still a guppy. The reason?

8) I don't like water on my face. I, also, don't like people touching my face. Nor do I like the food on my plate touching, unless it's food that tastes good together.

9) My first child was born c-section, and the other four were VBACs. Thus I never wear a bikini because my abdomen is a roadmap of scars: c-section, gall bladder, and appendix.
10) I like hospital stays. So much so, that last year I stayed the night at the hospital with a friend merely for the fun of it. And I had fun. She didn't, but that's because she was too busy being sick.

Thanks, Gina! Happy Valentine's Day to you and to our guests. 

I'm interviewing Gina over on Inkwell Inspirations today, too. In addition to sharing her story, she's also generously giving away a basket chock full of goodies to one lucky reader. To enter the drawing, please visit Inkwell Inspirations and leave a comment, including your email address. The winner will be announced at the end of the week!


Gina Welborn said...

Thanks, Susie, for the Ten Things about me. I really had to think about somethign that sounded vaguely interestesting. The sad truth is I live a rather dull life.

Oh, I did eventually learn to swimm. In a pool. In a non-human-eating-bass-infested lake.

Susanne Dietze said...

Thanks so much for sharing your ten things, Gina! I liked getting to know you better.

Dull lives are perfectly cool with me. Isn't it supposedly a curse to wish someone an "interesting" life? Hmm. I'd sorta like a dull day once in a while, that's for sure.