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Monday, January 9, 2012

Yashua's Bridge--A Compelling, Inpsirational Read

From the coliseums of Rome to the tents of Bedouins, Yashua’s Bridge by Sandi Rog is an epic tale of faith, forgiveness, sacrifice, and love that is certain to entertain readers as it inspires them in their relationships with God.

In the year 88, AD, young Alexander is slave to his own father, unacknowledged and abused. If it weren’t for his mother’s Christian influence and the community of the brethren in Rome, he’d be without hope. When his fellow Christians David and Alethea promise their daughter Elianna’s future hand in marriage with the gift of an amethyst pendant, Alexander determines to purchase his freedom.

But when Alexander is shipped in chains to Egypt, he must find his way to his mother’s Bedouin family before he can return to Elianna…if she survives the intense persecution of Christians spreading through the empire.

Yashua’s Bridge asks some monumental questions which pierce the reader’s core beliefs. How are we to forgive when we’ve suffered cruelly at another’s hand? Will God forgive when we cannot? What happens when we die?

The answers are woven into the story with such adept skill that it is easy to relate to the characters’ spiritual struggles. While Rog admits that she uses imaginative speculation to illustrate death and heaven, for instance, her descriptions inspire deep consideration about heavenly realities.

In many ways, this book is not easy to read. Abuse, slavery, rape, and martyrdom are faced squarely, but without gratuitous violence or “on-screen” imagery (the rape, for instance, is told of, not shown). My heart was wounded as I read, but I wouldn’t trade the experience. God used the book to change the way I think about life’s problems, forgiveness, and the cost of following Him. I’ve long appreciated the sacrifice of Christian martyrs, for instance, but I’ll never think of their experiences in quite the same way again.

While the book follows characters established in the previous novel in the Iron and Stone series, The Master’s Wall, Yashua’s Bridge stands alone.  Elianna and Alexander’s stories begin fresh in this book, although I found David and Alethea’s experiences to be all the more poignant from having read the previous volume.

On a side note, Sandi Rog, a young mother of four, has spent months battling Stage four, T-cell Lymphoma. With great joy, I can share that Sandi’s cancer recently went into remission. I pray her healing—and her thought-provoking novels—will be a testimony of God’s power and grace for years to come.
Yahshua's Bridge is available at your favorite retailer, and it's also currently just 3.99 on Kindle (click here).


Sandi Rog said...

Thank you, Susanne! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

Bless you!

Sandi Rog

Susanne Dietze said...

Thanks for coming by, Sandi. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and it was an honor to tell everyone about it!