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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten Things...With Author Lynn Rush

Welcome Paranormal Romance author Lynn Rush!

Lynn Rush began her writing career in 2008. She has both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the mental health field and has enjoyed applying that unique knowledge to develop unique characters.

A former inline speed skater and mountain biker, Lynn has been known to test the limits of her athletic endurance. So, when she's not writing, she spends time enjoying the Arizona sunshine by road biking nearly 100 miles per week with her husband of fifteen years and going on jogs with her loveable Shetland Sheep dogs.

Ten Things about Lynn:

1. I’ve never had a pedicure (nor do I want one.) I have this thing about feet.

2. When a story idea hits, I must write it…like Lord Byron says, “I must write to empty my mind or I will go mad.” He pretty much hit it on the head with that one.

3. If I could, I’d eat macaroni and cheese for lunch EVERY day. Love that stuff from the magical blue KRAFT box.

4. I love hopping on my road bike and riding 50-70 miles. Some people call me strange for that, though it’s natural for me. I’m married to a triathlete and was raised by a marathon runner of a dad. I get lots of plots and characters mapped out on those long rides.

5. I think chocolate should be a food group required for consumption every day.

6. I’m a former inline speed skater and once had hopes of going pro. It didn’t work out—wasn’t good enough—but I LOVED trying. Learned a lot about myself.

7. I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a writer. It found me a few years ago. But I’m so glad it did!!

8. I love mornings. Getting up before the sun rises is awesome, and I’ve gotten to witness so many priceless sunrises.

9. I blare Skillet while I’m writing. My fave song is "Awake and Alive." Such an energizing song for my soul.

10. I’m a hazard in the kitchen. For real. I’m either bleeding from chopping my finger instead of the veggies or I’m opening windows to get the smoke billowing from the stove out of the house as to not set off the fire alarms.

About Lynn's novel, Wasteland:

Bound by the blood contract his human mother signed four centuries ago, half-demon, David Sadler, must obey his demonic Master's order to capture fifteen-year-old Jessica Hanks. But as he learns more about her, he realizes she may be the key to freedom from his dark enslavement.

The only obstacle-Jessica's distractingly beautiful Guardian, Rebeka Abbott. He must not give in to their steamy chemistry, or he will lose his humanity. But fresh off a quarter millennia of sensory deprivation as punishment for not retrieving his last target, he may not be able to resist temptation long enough to save what's left of his human soul.
Catch the Rush: www.lynnrush.com
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/k6NAZa  
Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/pbigOg
All Romance Ebooks: http://bit.ly/nujjjp
You Tube Trailer:  http://youtu.be/k-KRE1yMiNk 


lynnrush said...

Hi, Susanne. Thanks for having me here!!!!

Juliana said...

Hi Lynn =)

I totally agree about chocolate. Can't live without!

And I would love to have your energy. On twitter you always say you went for a 90 minute run. OMG! That would kill me lol


lynnrush said...

LOL, Juliana---Chocolate is a must. That's why I MUST run so much. LOL

Susanne Dietze said...

Hey Lynn! Thanks so much for sharing your ten things with us. I love the Byron quote--that's a keeper.

How cool about the inline skating!

Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Juliana! Lynn has so much energy. I can't believe she gets up before dawn and runs & bikes as far as she does, either. She has so much energy!

I'm glad you could stop by.

Susanne Dietze said...

So Lynn, do you have a favorite kind of chocolate?

My favorite right now is Lindt Dark, Intense Orange.

Karen Lange said...

It's fun to learn more about Lynn! I too, like the mac and cheese, although I'm not sure if I'd want it everyday. When my kids were little, they did! :)


Susanne Dietze said...

Hi Karen! I remember my second child was in a mac n cheese phase and wanted it every day, too. But not any more!

I'm so glad you could stop by.